Medserena AG

About us

Medserena AG is a full-service provider for radiological practice. With a highly qualified, interdisciplinary team, the company with its headquarters in Cologne creates individual solutions so that radiologists working independently can concentrate completely on their core competence. From financing to set-up and IT to marketing and preparatory and ancillary work in billing, customers are provided with a turnkey practice tailored to their needs.
Medserena AG also supports the administrative operation.

Medserena AG is the only provider in the German market to use the innovative Fonar Upright MRI technology. This allows a clear view from the device at all times and offers great comfort for the patient. In addition, examinations of the entire body are possible in a lying, inclined, sitting and standing position. This opens up completely new diagnostic possibilities, e.g. for the examination of the spine, which can now be examined under natural weight load for the first time, while the radiologist benefits from the technically best possible image quality.

One of the company’s goals is to establish the comfortable upright MRI in Germany and Great Britain. This has already been established in five private practices in Cologne, Hanover, Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt and in London and Manchester.