Our range of services
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Medserena AG is an innovative service provider for radiological practice. With a highly qualified, interdisciplinary team, we create individual structures and solutions in which radiologists working independently can fully concentrate on their core competence: Being a doctor.

Financing & Large equipment management

Medserena AG’s range of services includes the financing of radiological practices with a focus on upright MRI diagnostics. A complete service package consisting of large-scale equipment, real estate and the complete furnishings incl. EDP is made available to the independently working and operating radiologist. This also includes the preliminary and interim financing of the running costs for operating a practice.
The large-scale equipment management includes, among other things, the constant maintenance and service of the systems according to the Medserena quality concept. The systems are constantly kept up to date. The user benefits from the latest technical developments in upright MRI and the best possible technical image quality.

Medserena quality concept

Successful therapy often requires high-quality radiological diagnostics. High-quality radiological diagnostics require radiological image material of the best quality. This is what the Medserena quality concept stands for.
Daily quality controls and continuous technical monitoring of the systems by our service team is only one component. Our engineers are constantly striving to optimise the quality of the applied sequences and examination procedures.
Medserena AG is also integrated into the development and optimisation processes of the system manufacturers and can thus also guarantee the technically best possible image quality of the systems.
The Medserena quality concept naturally also includes the constant training and further education of users.
The Medserena quality concept – a cornerstone for high-quality radiological diagnostics and successful therapy.

Medical center administration

In the practice managed by Medserena AG, you can concentrate on the essentials – we take care of the rest. Our spectrum includes, among other things, in close coordination with the operating radiologist, the complete administration of his radiology practice. Patient registration, patient care during the stay in the practice, data acquisition and processing, support in the implementation of findings and preparatory work for his billing are just some of the administrative services.

Medical center marketing

Medserena AG ensures the right appearance!
In close coordination with the operating radiologist, we design and produce the complete image for the radiology practice. Print media from practice flyers to press reports and advertisements in media read worldwide, the internet presence of his practice, representation of the practice at trade fairs and congresses, as well as advertising and direct contact with referring physicians are just some of the building blocks.
The Medserena quality concept – a cornerstone for high-quality radiological diagnostics and successful therapy.

IT management

We ensure the right “workflow”. Medserena AG creates the framework for an effective and smooth workflow in the radiology practice. RIS and PACS systems, speech recognition systems and telemedicine are some of the building blocks of the IT management provided by Medserena AG.
The IT systems are continuously maintained and always kept up to date with the latest software.
Regular referring physicians can be connected to the systems and have access to their patients’ images around the clock.

Material management

From film to pencil: Medserena AG’s range of services also includes providing the operating radiologist with all the materials necessary for the smooth operation of his radiology practice.
As already mentioned: from film to pencil.