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Vision & Mission

Medserena AG is an innovative service provider for radiology practices, offering its customers a turnkey practice tailored to their individual needs, from financing to complete set-up and IT to marketing and billing. Founded in 2005 by Matthias Schulz, Holger Frey and Alfred Schlemmer in Cologne, it currently employs 38 people. With a highly qualified, interdisciplinary team, individual structures and solutions are created so that radiologists working independently can concentrate on the essentials: Being a doctor and not an administrative employee.

The focus is on the vision of creating framework conditions that offer patients the best possible individual treatment: Starting with an in-depth discussion before the examination with the radiologist running the practice, through the innovative, comfortable technology of the Fonar Upright-MRI System, to the easy-to-understand and empathetic discussion of the findings directly afterwards. The basis for better MRI diagnostics is provided by the Upright MRI System – the only one in the world that, thanks to its special design, allows MRI examinations while standing, sitting, lying down and in functional positions.

Concentration on the essentials
The holistic concept of Medserena AG also offers enormous advantages for the doctor. The upright MRI as well as all technical services such as maintenance and software updates are made available to the radiologist. He can therefore fully concentrate on his core competences, a careful examination and precise diagnosis. Medserena AG supports the processing and administration of the practice, from financing to the complete set-up and IT to marketing and billing, thus giving the radiologist back the time for what is essential: consulting his patients.

Fully open design – more comfort for patients
Due to the completely open design of the upright MRI, this MRI scanner is also tolerated by anxious patients with severe claustrophobia. The patient is not left alone at any time during the examination. He has a clear view out of the system at all times, both upwards and forwards, and can watch the current television programme or a video film on a large monitor. In contrast to the typical booming hammer noise in tunnel systems, the device works very quietly, which means that it is not usually necessary to wear headphones. The completely open design also offers very great patient comfort and a relaxed pleasant atmosphere. This is also advantageous for the examination of small children, who can be accompanied by their parents in the same room and examined without sedation or anaesthesia, or of overweight persons up to 250kg.

Upright MRI: Novel and informative diagnostics
Due to its design, the Upright MRI is the only system in the world that allows magnetic resonance imaging examinations under natural weight load and in completely free positioning: The system allows slice images of the entire body in lying, inclined, sitting and standing positions as well as functional postures. This results in completely new clinical indications, e.g. for the examination of the spine in inclination (bending forward) or in reclination (stretching backwards) as well as of the joints. In many cases, this enables complementary and more meaningful diagnostics that cannot be achieved with conventional magnetic resonance tomographies performed exclusively in the lying position. Over 101,000 examinations (as of Nov. 2019) have already been able to convince patients with the innovative technology and the visionary service concept.