Medical center Hanover

In the private practice for upright magnetic resonance imaging in Hanover, you can be examined in a special way using MRI (MagneticResonanceImaging): Since you will be in an upright position during the examination, you will not have a constricting feeling, but will experience a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

Opening hours
Mon – Fri 8:00AM – 6:00PM
and by arrangement
0511 4756690

Privatpraxis für Upright-MRT
in Hannover

Expo-Plaza 10
30539 Hannover

Dr. med. Thorsten Schulze

Facharzt für Diagnostische Radiologie

Location of the Upright MRI in Hanover

  • Underground parking available
  • Immediate proximity to the A37 freeway
  • Conveniently accessible by light rail from the main station
  • Directly on the “Expo” area
  • Barrier-free practice entrance

The special features of the Upright MRI

  • No constricting tubes or squeezing “sandwiches”
  • Exact diagnostics through the natural weight load
  • Meaningful examination in sitting or standing position
  • Open design with a view of accompanying person or TV